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Find student reviews on my instagram, as well you will find free educational resources on my daily story Instagram - germanlanguageandmore https://www. linkedin. com/in/corinna-harre-0b189940/ Goethe Institute Standard Classes Flexible timings daily 9am - 11pm 18 Years in the Emirates Using modern digital books with interactive features Coaching available Trial class available Would you like to learn German because you like the German Language or do you want to design your future. Every day 1% will make you accomplish the language. Did you know that studying in Germany is completely free? Did you know that Germany needs professionals out of the medical field? Learn German to start a better future. All Levels are available. Goethe Institute courses with affordable prices, lots of additional material and flexible timings. Blended learning Please feel free to contact me for further details and to set a first lesson
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Professional native German Teacher available

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عضو منذ فبراير 2021

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  • إجتمع فقط في الأماكن العامة / المزدحمة مثل محطات المترو ومراكز التسوق.
  • لا تذهب بمفردك لمقابلة بائع / مشتري ، إصطحب معك دائمًا شخصًا ما
  • تفحص وتاكد من المنتج بشكل جيد قبل الشراء
  • لا تدفع أبدًا أي شيء مقدمًا ولا تقم بتحويل أ مبالغ قبل فحص المنتج
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